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Wojciech Kondrat

Created on May 1st 2000, the role of Mission Locale Picardie Maritime is to

receive, inform, orientate and accompany school drop-outs aged 16 to under 26 and elaborate with them personalized employment paths. In order to meet their needs, we develop specific actions covering themes including employment, professional orientation, training, health, accomodation, culture, leisure activities and citizenship. As a local public service intervening on all the Pays des Trois Vallées area, Mission Locale Picardie Maritime focuses on one essential objective : to enable our core public to overcome the difficulties impeding their social and professional integration.

M. Wojciech Kondrat, managing director of MLPM

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Our approach

Several approaches, several methods, one single objective.

Thanks to a 45 people team whose professionalism is recognized, Mission Locale Picardie Maritime provides support in job search and for any request related to training, health, accomodation, rights, citizenship and culture.

Our action is organized so as to offer each young person a personalized support. This could be giving them simple information or a step by step accompaniment depending on the needs to be covered. Listening attentively to the expectations and concerns expressed enables us to identify and report the difficulties faced by our public on the territory and work on the potential solutions (programmes, benefits, partners) to answer them.

Our Mission Locale contributes to the evolution of the service offer available for social and professional integration based on the analysis of young people’s demand and needs and on its mission of counselling and accompanying integration paths. With the permanent concern to effectively accompany the young on its territory, Mission Locale Picardie Maritime has widely engaged in the implementation of innovative projects. In so doing, it has developed a partner network, consolidated its field of expertise, participated in exciting operations and initiated specific actions in favour of the young’s professional inclusion and mobilizing the European Social Fund to a very large extent.

As Intermediate Body (Objective 3, Objective 5), it has been successfully managing PLIE of Picardie Maritime for over 6 years. To ensure greater consistency between employment and training actors on their intervention sector, Mission Locale Picardie Maritime has been conducting the services offered by Maison de l’Emploi et de la Formation since January 1st 2012. This consolidation is for Mission Locale a real opportunity to propose the public and actors on its territory a very comprehensive service offer.

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